mercoledì 15 settembre 2010

Jesus GOD!… Does it have to be like this? by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Jesus GOD!… Does it have to be like this?

I cannot stand the UN. The UN should go.

That said… for the love of God.

I caught this, and this photo, in a CNN story.

The UN can give us some stats, but their solutions are not the right solutions.

Why should such a thing be going on today.

Can you recite the corporal works of mercy?

When I am in Rome, with that collar on, I am the incessant target of beggars. I give, in a measured way, what I can. You learn.

When I go to NYC, at least when I am walking around on my own, I am the incessant target of beggars.

I am proud of the friends I hang with. They give before I do.

I got off the subway the night before last and a guy hit me for money. I went about 30 feet and went back saying I would buy him some food and, when he said yes, I went straight into the nearest food place. He grabbed me by the sleeve suggesting a nearby Subway. He explained that less bought more. I placed the order. He got the food and left. I placed the same order once more and gave him the bag when I walked by him again at his spot. He was already sharing his sandwich with another guy. We have to pass it along. We help others.

But… Jesus God! ... Jesus said that we would always have with us the poor.

Does it have to be this sort of poor? That photo just breaks me heart.

The mystery of suffering is terrible. It is always with us.

The Exaltation of the Cross is the only answer.

The Cross of Jesus is the only way to cope with this.

We remove the Holy Cross of the Lord from our worship at our peril.