mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

L'arcivescovo di Los Angeles José H. Gomez, chiede ai fedeli di vivere pubblicamente la loro fede

L'arcivescovo di Los Angeles chiede ai fedeli
di vivere pubblicamente la loro fede

Nell'omelia della Messa di Domenica XXII del T.O., l'arcivescovo di Los Angeles, l'arcivescovo Jose Gomez, ha esortato i fedeli a non cedere a "una cultura in cui ci sono molte pressioni per mantenere la nostra fede in privato, per mantenere le nostre credenze a noi stessi, specialmente quando si tratta di vivere la nostra fede e valori cattolici nella vita pubblica"

[...] The prophet Jeremiah is treated badly because he is proclaiming God’s Word. He is tempted to just stop, to stay quiet. He says, “I will not mention God’s name anymore.”

We can understand what Jeremiah is talking about. We live in a culture where there are many pressures to keep our religious faith private, to keep our beliefs to ourselves — especially when it comes to living our Catholic beliefs and values in our public life.

But the prophet Jeremiah could not stay silent. And neither can we, my brothers and sisters. Jeremiah said his heart was on fire to speak about the love of God. That’s how we should feel also.

So this week, let us try to make little sacrifices in our lives, to deny ourselves more, as Jesus asks us. Let us try to embrace the crosses in our lives with a greater attitude of acceptance of God’s will.

As we commit ourselves more and more to carrying the cross of Christ in our daily lives, we will discover that he is molding us into the persons we were meant to be.

We are going to encounter hardships and sufferings. That’s just how it is. These are a part of our human condition. But we are called to accept these challenges with love. We can “offer up” our difficulties and sufferings to God, out of compassion for others who are suffering also.

Following God’s call is not easy, but it will be rewarded. Jesus promises us that at the end of today’s Gospel. If we take up our cross and follow behind him as he carries his cross, we will find, at the end of our journey, the Resurrection and eternal life. [...]